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Small Business Education Inc
You often hear that a penny saved is a penny earned. In the case of time and money, companies that can save both earn more than pennies from such an endeavor.

The mission of small business education is to provide tools to facilitate and automate your work.

Small Business Education is a non-profit company founded in Miami 2020. Small Business Education was created to help small business owners save time, money, and become more efficient. 

Our primary focus in Small Business Education is to equip small businesses with robust websites, online tools and the marketing services you need to run your business with our easy-to-use website, you can do it all from one place.

 "Many small people in small places who do small things can change the world."

Why Small Business Education Inc?
1.- Made by an accountant for accountants.
-The software guides and divides the time since it can be used anywhere and on any device. You only need internet access; it keeps everything in one place and is easy to use.
-The Software is made based on all the needs of an Accountant to use what is necessary to perform the tasks you need in one place because it was made by an Accountant, the same who thought of every need to facilitate the work to be more organized and more effective.
2- Different dispositions
-It is the cheapest in the market; it divides the format in time, place and moment, since all the connected devices help to organize it without difficulties when implementing its use.
 -All the time, all the devices are updated according to the functions that were carried out that is to say, it is synchronized automatically by each action carried out.
3- Document organizer
-Saves on paper (as it is scanned and uploaded to the cloud), fast to use, and one click away from finding what you need or are looking for. It is a safe and organized process. (contributing a little to the environment).
 -Keep your documents in order in case any critical format or paper is lost. There is no need to worry if you scanned it and it is in the cloud, it simply prints out, and you have it at hand.
4- Data Storage
-You don't need other Software to manage or store what you need (you save money instantly), and you efficiently handle tasks on different dashboards.
 -There is no other software in the market that fulfills this critical function as it is the storage of information; the others can have it, but they are of payment, which includes that service without any cost.
5- Complete Security
-It's safe since it periodically creates backups and everything is in one place—no need to implement other ways to protect the stored information.
-Every company that buys the Software will have the security mentioned before, the most important thing of all this is, that it is a safe system without margin of error 100% guaranteed.
6- Time and personalization:
-Includes a built-in timer to facilitate the registration of each task to be performed as it calculates by time records the breaks of the entries and can personalize them.
-Because time is essential, the timer also helps to keep track of the tasks performed from start to finish to measure the time of people who take these actions.
7- Two possible elements for the workflow:
-This includes two programs in one (Electronic management + workflow software), that is to say you have everything in one place—a data store and Software that will facilitate the workflow.
 -By having two essential elements (Electronic management + workflow Software) in the Software, you save time and money because it acts as two different systems or platforms useful for their daily tasks without having to skip to others to do their work.
8- Price
-It is the most complete Software for an accountant or company, the cheapest in the market, and the most practical in its operation.
 -Unique in the market to bring so many actions and easy to use because it makes sense that one of the primary purposes of working with the Software is to improve efficiency to such an extent that you can reduce your costs and positively influence your results.
9- Customer Service
-Technical support to help you with anything you need to use the Software as part of any service.
 -Consists of advice for the administration of the use of the Software for all the clients who need it.
The efficiency of this Software for your operations with the purpose of your organization is demonstrated by the gain of money and the little noticeable loss of time in turn.
It is true that for the accounting function, many sequences of tasks are carried out regularly. These data processes, also known as workflows, are crucial to the business operations of every company in your organization.
Why do accountants need this Software?
ATHENA workflow software is the most advanced Software with a range of features and functionality that not all accounting software has, it improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the accountant.
By trying it out for free for one month, you will see how it could work for your tasks and see how it will reduce error rates, improving efficiency and saving you money along the way. Why Small Business Education Inc?
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